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All Coaches involved with a team that is playing in a season in calendar year 2016 will have to submit evidence of several back ground checks. These checks were put into place by changes to Pennsylvania State Law that affects anyone that can come in contact with minor children. For the purposes of SCPAS, anyone who is in the dugout is subject to these checks.

The checks can be completed online and must be submitted electronically to SCPAS.

All Coaches for a team must complete a new online coach registration and the necessary forms must be submitted as part of that process. Please complete the background checks and necessary forms prior to completing the registration process.

Please print the instructions and other necessary forms by using this link.

Coaches may avoid the submission of the required background checks to SCPAS by completing/updating the ASA/ACE coaches training certification. The submission of the background checks however is required to complete the online training.

Any coach of any team that is registered to play in the summer 2016 season that has a current ASA/ACE certification will have access to the York Revolution tickets held by the SCPAS, at no charge to the coach. Further details about this program can be found by using this link.




In order to encourage our coaches to obtain the ASA/ACE certification, SCPAS has acquired 4 season tickets to the York Revolution. These tickets are available to be reserved by any ACE certified coach that is a registered coach of a team in the 2016 summer season at no charge to the coach. "Since the coaches have to submit their back ground checks anyhow, it makes sense that they submit them as part of the ACE certification process. Than all they have to do is participate in the online class and receive the certification" said David Eckman, President of SCPAS. "The opportunity to use the tickets by an ACE certified coach is just a way for us to thank the coaches for investing in their training, which ultimately benefits the girls that they are coaching."

There are 4 tickets available and coaches may reserve 1, 2, 3, or all 4 tickets. The seats are located in the Heritage Box Section of the stadium and include premier seating, cushioned VIP seating with personal table tops and added legroom; a VIP parking pass; dedicated concierge; playground wristbands for all children in the Heritage Box; and popcorn delivered to the seats around the 5th inning of the game.

SCPAS is developing some basic rules which will govern the availability and reservation of the tickets. In order to reserve the tickets, please contact Dave Eckman at 717-916-3963.