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There have been changes to the game rain out procedure. Please make sure that you are familiar with them.
Rain outs of games can now be reported with one telephone call to the League at 717-916-3963. Use this number to both notify the League and cancel the umpire.

A rain out is defined as a game that is canceled because of weather or field conditions. Prior to our umpire(s) arriving at the field, that decision rests solely with the home team coach. If our umpire is at the field, the decision on field conditions rests solely with them. However, we understand and acknowledge that in many cases, such as games played on school district fields, that the decision to play lies with other people.
If a rain out is necessary, it is important to make the decision at least 90 minutes before the scheduled game time. Failure to give ample notification to the League MAY result in additional charges for an appearance charge for our umpire. However, it is understood that circumstances may not yield themselves to that advance notice - as in the case with pop up summer thunderstorms.
In any event, if a game needs to be rained out -

1. The Home Team Coach has the responsibility to notify the League at 717-916-3963.
2. The Home Team Coach has the responsibility to notify the opposing coach. His contact information is always able to be found on the SCPAS Website.
3. The Home Team Coach has the responsibility to notify his team.
We would note that, as soon as the league is notified about the cancelation, we will change the status of the game on the website - which in turn will cause everyone to be notified about the cancelation. The Home Team Coach should not assume that the website notification will automatically notify the opposing coach. The Home Team Coach needs to personally place that call to the opposing coach.
There is no longer a need to email the rainout notice to the league.

Rescheduling Rained Out Games

The League Rules contain the necessary criteria for the rescheduling of games. All teams should refer to the rules for the appropriate information on the rescheduling of games.
All teams should be advised that games in the fall ball season do not need to be made up. If the teams can agree on a date and time, they may be - but it is not required.

Cancellation Notice

Rescheduling games for reasons other than rainouts, are prohibited! Only under "EXTREME" circumstances will the league consider rescheduling games that are not rained out.
In the 7U division, which do not have umpires, there are no requirements to notify the league until the coaches agree on a new date and time to play.