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Cage Rental System Active

The SCPAS cage rental system is now active for the balance of October, November and December. Cage time after December 31 will open later in the year. The rental system is online and payment is made by credit card. Please use the SCPAS Cage Rental menu page on the left menu for additionala information.

by posted 10/25/2020

It is with the deepest regret that we announce that there will not be a SCPAS 2020 fall season. We are just not able to ensure the safety of the players, coaches, officials and fans. Also, we are not able to organize and conduct a full fall outing, with the uncertainity of school district openings as well as the sustainability of an interscholastic fall sports schedule. This is a very difficult decision and one that is not made lightly. We are hopeful for more favorable circumstances in the months to come that will allow softball to be played as it should be - without social distancing, masks, gallons of hand sanitizer and with huddles and high fives. Thank you for your understanding.

by posted 07/27/2020
SCPAS Searching for New Leadership

In 2019, President Dave Eckman announced that the 2020 calendar year would be his last year as President of the South Central PA Softball Organization. With just 6 months left in the year, it is time to begin our search for someone to step in and serve.

It is important that any potential candidate be comfortable with using a computer and the internet. Almost everything we do is dependent on using a computer. From game scheduling, to assigning officials, to registering teams, is done online.

Potential candidates should be well organized. There are always multiple issues occuring at any time and being able to balance those things is important.

The SCPAS organization does provide support in a number of ways. We rent a storage unit where we keep our entire inventory of softball items. A stipend has been paid for umpire assigning and schedule maintenance. The SCPAS has provided a dedicated telephone line for calls.

It is possible that the work traditionally done by the President can be split among several parties.

There is a Board of Directors Working Group that will review interested parties.

If you are interested, please send an email to so that a time can be scheduled to talk about your interest.

by posted 06/30/2020
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